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Meet the Chiropractors

With more many years of combined experience among them, chiropractors Dr Alex Malton, Dr Andrew Willmott and Dr Liam Hill provide world-class care to their clients. Employing a variety of gentle and effective techniques, the doctors look forward to helping the community enjoy optimal health — naturally!

Dr Alex Malton

I was introduced to chiropractic at a young age. My brother and I were active children, rough and tumble and generally up to mischief. At the age of 6 to 8, we were involved in gymnastics and had taken a few heavy falls during that time, in particular to my neck and lower back. My mother was working for a chiropractor in Bunbury at the time, first as a chiropractic radiographer, then as a CA. Witnessing our falls, she took us to be assessed by him. From that time, I developed an interest in how the human body works and maintaining our health and well being. One of the things I noticed, after being adjusted regularly, was that I became settled and more emotionally balanced.

I began my studies in 2004 at Murdoch University, and since graduation have been furthering my professional growth with a keen interest in functional neurology, sport and rehabilitation and paediatrics.
Maintaining a healthy moving spine and body over a lifetime is integral to ones health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic is part of my lifestyle and my family’s lifestyle, and I look forward very much to delivering high quality chiropractic care to the families in my community, so we can all have healthy active lifestyles and enjoy the aspects of life we value the most.

Dr Liam Hill

Chiropractic inspires me everyday!

I grew up from a very medically orientated background, and throughout schooling I believed this to also be my calling. Consistently excelling in all my classes, I knew that I had a passion for learning. I had a particular interest in the subject of Human Biology, specifically with regards to the nervous system and skeleton.

When I left high school I was confused about the direction of my career, all I knew was that I wanted to improve the lives of my clients. I was fortunate to receive some advice from an acquaintance, which allowed me to recognize that Chiropractic epitomized what I believed and understood about health. After observing several different Chiropractors, and seeing the amazing power of Chiropractic care on health and wellbeing, I knew that this was my calling.

The amazing power of Chiropractic care on health and wellbeing

After Graduating

Following 5 years of intense study at Murdoch University, I graduated in 2015. I subsequently practiced as an associate in Perth where I was able to develop my skills, and in 2016 accepted an associate position at Chiropractic Today in Mandurah and Falcon.

Home Is Where The Passion Is

Everyday I’m grateful for the love given to me by my partner, family and friends. My partner and I have recently purchased our first house, which provides me with a supportive environment to continue my passion for Chiropractic. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who are equally passionate about health as I am, and am excited about our ever-growing family.

What Motivates Me?

It was hard working in a field thinking that I had little to no effect on the lives of my clients. This feeling dragged with me following graduation, it wasn’t until I joined Chiropractic Today that I truly understood the role that Chiropractic has in a person’s life. Now everyday I wake up knowing that what I do matters, and that what I do improves the quality of life of all my clients. It’s this understanding that drives me to improve the overall health of as many Mandurah families as possible.

Many people don’t understand that there are many different facets of Chiropractic care. Working as a personal trainer for several years, I have a particular interest in sports, rehabilitation, posture and wellness. It’s because of this passion that I’m very privileged to have great affiliations with local gyms, including: Jetts, F45, Curves and Anytime Fitness Baldivis.

Do I Practice What I Preach?

I’ve always aspired to be an example for my clients with regards to Health. Eating healthy, exercising regularly as a competitive swimmer, drinking plenty of water, tending to my mental health and of course getting my regular adjustments, are simple ways that I maintain and improve my health.

Well that’s enough about me, how can I help you and your family achieve the healthiest version of yourselves? Give us a call, and get your Chiropractic care started TODAY!

Enjoy natural, effective chiropractic care from our team of exceptional chiropractors! Contact us today on (08) 9534 3600 for an appointment.

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